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Follow Oliver in this new world!

  • Explore the magic world built on top of modern-ancient ruins

  • Fight or sneak behind fearsome foes with precision and style

  • Confront epic bosses, to get impactful items

  • Assemble allies to combat the looming menace

  • Construct and upgrade your vessel to explore floating islands

  • Harness the magic-infused laws of physics to gain an advantage


How  do we make Oliver's Tale

What would happen if a tight-knit group of game developers decided to seize the opportunity and work on their dream game during their spare time?

We are team of 6 people including:

Engineer, Sound designer, 2D Artist, 3D artist, Animator and Environment artist

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post-apocalyptic adventure

Embark on a remarkable journey through a post-apocalyptic world where traces of ancient magic re-emerge, shaping the future. Assume the role of Oliver, a man who once inadvertently caused the collapse of civilization, now destined to restore balance to a devastated world.


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